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Woodgraf Industri Sdn. Bhd. provides end to end solution for Prime Finishing in Wood Moulding Application Industry. Our machines are robustly built to last, even the toughest production condition yet able to churn out excellent quality. Woodgraf machines allow our users to undertake orders with stringent production requirement without second thought. The versatility and simplicity to operate
Woodgraf machines, gives it a household name for fine finishing product. Buyers of Woodgraf machines command higher value for its quality. Our well received machines are Gesso Extruder, Auto-Spray, and Profile Sander Machines.

At Woodgraf all of our machines are well taught out to the minute details during development to construction stages. Our simple built machine rivals other similar mass produce in term of simplicity, practical, upgradable, versatility, flexibility, low periodic maintenance, simple and easy daily operation maintenance, higher production speed without compromising quality to name a few. Woodgraf Gesso Priming Machine is fitted with state of the art Advance Template Device for superior compression. This will in turn achieve minimum debris clogging and development of lining groove with up to 90% success on various profiles. Our enhance EZ change over with EZ cleaning device has further simplify this stage with Only 10 minutes deducted from your daily production schedule.


“ I have installed a Woodgraf Industri Gesso Machine at my factory recently, we were blown away by the
finished product. It was amazing, the usual visible pinholes, knocks, wood grains, cutter marking, rollers
marking, wood defects and other imperfection has vanish in front of our eyes comparing to our current Gesso
machine. Production set up and daily cleaning activities has been reduced hence an additional 1.5 hours
more in production. It’s real buy. ”
James Decalf, Ontario, Canada

“ At first, we were sceptical about Woodgraf Priming Gesso Machine capabilities as we have never heard of
them, after much thought we took the chance and the rest is history. I want to share my grievances, David
Kow who has pressured me to reveal my company’s financial privacy and I’m reluctantly declare that we ROI
in 2.5 months. This was made possible with him leading us step by step and sharing all technical knowhow as
we were novice to this industry. ”
Supardi Hariyato, Jakarta, Indonesia

“ For over a year, we were searching for an extrusion machine that can deliver quick set up, easy to clean
device. We have to deal long production turn over not to mention daily nightmare operation to addressing
debris lining groove, larger pin holes, finger joints is real pain staking. Incidentally, I have to thank my
guardian angel, I bump onto Woodgraf Industri website by accident and made immediate enquiry, At first
glance, I know this is what I was looking for. I am so delighted with the performance after 6 months we bought
another unit. Woodgraf, you have save the day. Todate, we have yet to discover any machine that matches
the capabilities of Woodgraf Priming Gesso Machine. “
Jeremy Gordon, Melbourne, Australia

”I am a Brazilian buyer, who often face stocks of moulded materials that were uneven, wavy and many a
times bended (I mean serious bended). Surprisingly the Woodgraf machine didn’t felt a thing. I have not seen
similar machine with capablities of achieving such a feat. I strongly advice those serious buyers’ out there to
consider Woodgraf machines as part of your machine fleet. “
Paulo Roberto, Amazones, Brazil

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