-- Autospray Machine --

This linear Spraying Machine has been specific designed for UV paint system and Auto
Spraying in line of Varnishing application ( 2 in 1 ) on Wood Profiles, Window part, Furniture
parts, MDF, PVC, Metal and on Frames in General.

Inside the whole cabin is the spray area with two suction vats along with two or three Auto
guns and each vat can be placed. An advance designed come with dry filtering exhaust
system device contains build up of dust during spraying stage.
All Auto gun is operated by selectively PLC programmed with Pneumatic system to work
independently. Every kind of automatic spraying guns ( High pressure, Low pressure,
Airless or Air mix ) can be assembled to these machine.

Specification, model UV-4Nseries
a) Linear Feed Speed : Maximum 100 meter/minute. For U.V 40 meter/Minute.
b) Maximum Profile : Width 7” inch. Length Maximum 36” inch.
c) Machine Overall Dimension : Width 4’ ft. High 7’ft. Length 15”ft
d) Completed complete of UV Cooling System.

A) Polyurethance .(PU). Nitrocellulose Clear lacquer and Colors lacquer.
B) Stains. NGR Stain or World stain.
C) Floor Coating.

Advantage of UV coating.
a) Abrasion resistance. b) Good adhesion. c) Fast cure fast drying time.
e) Good Flexibility. e) More Glossy. f) Yellowing resistance.

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