-- Gesso Machine --
Gesso Extruder Machine (N Series)
Fast, Consistent, Robust And Reliable

The machine has been carefully design to specifically cope with ever increasing demand in
priming processes (Plastering, Bolus and Paints) for Gesso Picture Frame and Mounding.
By combining our Advance Template Device and Coating Technology, it allows variable
patterns & multiple angle profiles to pass through the primer for smoother and cleaner output as
well as up to 90% reduction on lining/streaking grooves. In addition to our advance design combination,
templates highly exposed to wear and tear will have its durability extended.
The (N Series) now comes with In-Line priming capabilities for high-speed (up to12,000 feet
per hour) and non-stop production, it’s an operators dream come through.

Standard Features And Capabilities
- Our Life Time portable filler tank allows quick cleaning change over yet maintains the previous setting.
- Profile Size Max. Width 5.5” and Max. Height 3”
- Priming Thickness from 0.1mm to 1.5mm.
- High Compression With Template Devices

Add On Features
- High Capacity Filler Tank
- Template Opening Device Up To 8”
- Extended Pressure Rollers
- Pneumatic Air Jet Dust System

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